2020 Georges Duboeuf Chiroubles France

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2020 Georges Duboeuf Chiroubles France – Chiroubles has the distinction of being the highest Cru in altitude, culminating at 450 meters. From the high balcony formed by its vineyard, one can admire the immense plain of the Saône, which the very Burgundian Henri Vincenot affectionately called “mother of the rivers”. As with the majority of Beaujolais Crus, it is the wine that has taken the name of its village. he took all the height of it, expressed in his body and in his clothes by his purity, his exquisite taste and his grace. One would be tempted to compare the Chiroubles to a superb mannequin dressed in bright red silk.

To the taste, it is the airiest of the Beaujolais, while being eminently marked in the corner of small red fruits. It gives the taster this pleasant feeling of sliding in the mouth. According to a local poet, in love with all that is beautiful in this world, Chiroubles is “the extravagance of Beaujolais”.

Balanced between roundness, acidity and tannins, the mouth provides velvety and harmonious sensations. An aromatic and harmonious finish concludes the tasting of this remarkable representative of the appellation. Structured and distinguished, this bottle will accompany white or red meat for two or three years.

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