2020 Chatto Isle Pinot Noir Tasmania

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2020 Chatto Isle Pinot Noir Tasmania – Chatto’s flagship wine and namesake of their Isle Vineyard, in Tasmania’s Huon Valley. Isle is an instinctive selection of what Jim believes is the best of their vineyard in a given season. Picked and made as one parcel (never blended) Isle is a testament to the greatest skill a winemaker can master – ‘seeing the wine in the grape’.

Typically, the most complex and layered wine in their line-up, the 2020 Isle is no exception. Intense red and black fruits dance seductively with alluring Rose petal and heady spice. With the purity and depth of flavour the Huon is becoming renowned, Isle is a wine to savour and explore, as it unfurls to reveal the delicious nature of their site.

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