2020 Cantina Di Negrar Valpolicella Classico Superiore Italy

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2020 Cantina Di Negrar Valpolicella Classico Superiore Italy – Cantina Negrar is a historic cooperative. Veneto has become Italy’s most productive wine region. The fertile volcanic soil and remnants of river bed strata allow the vines to grow ferociously. In the pursuit of lower yields, and higher quality grapes, the growers at Cantina Negrar have worked to temper the growth by careful trellising, including vertical training and aggressive pruning techniques. Corvina is the star of the region, though it is tricky to master. Its thick skin means it is notoriously late-ripening and requires careful attention and patience through September. Fastidiousness results in its scarlet red colour – a mouthful of lush tart cherry with hints of fresh mint and thyme…like the very name Valpolicella, it just rolls of your tongue!

Bright ruby red colour. With an intense red cherry & plum nose. To taste the wine shows black pepper & dark fleshy plum notes with acids & tannins in balance moving to a fresh savoury dried herb finish.

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