2020 Bass Phillip Premium Chardonnay Gippsland

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2020 Bass Phillip Premium Chardonnay Gippsland – This Chardonnay was grown at Leongatha, South Gippsland, Victoria. Bass Phillip uses close planting, extremely low cropping, no toxic chemicals, and natural winemaking. They respect the forces of nature, driven by the Moon, the planets, and the earth.

Less than one acre, planted since 1979. This section of the vineyard is more than 40 years old today , it has started to deliver complex nuances and has a very long-flavour, lingers cleanly on your palate. Typically, the wine has a fully integrated, complex blend of stone fruits , nuts and soft oak, riding on top of a balanced acidic backbone. It has very good depth and breadth on the palate, some nuttiness alongside the stone fruit flavours.  Builds on the finish, complex and thought-provoking. Meant to age 10 years or more.

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