2019 Laughing Jack Old Vine Moppa Grenache Barossa Valley

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2019 Laughing Jack Old Vine Moppa Grenache Barossa Valley – Old Vine Grenache is sourced from a 3 acre vineyard grown on the southern slope of Moppa Hill. The contoured single vineyard was planted by Carl Albert Kalleske and son Ian in 1962. It has an elevation of 350 metres above sea level. Planted in ancient sandy soil, the vine roots are anchored deep into the reddish-orange clay. The sandy soil is rich in iron minerals and sits on a quartz stone reef.

A ripe bouquet of red fruits; raspberry, redcurrant and cherry dominate upon opening along with a hint of perfumed blackberry. Alluring spices of nutmeg and cinnamon are also present along with nuances of truffles and savoury earthy undertones. A serious Grenache with layers of complexity, balanced savoury tannins, fleshy mid palate and a spicy lingering finish. There is a natural minerality adding to the structure and an intensity of flavour from the small concentrated berries.

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