2017 Craiglee Reserve Shiraz Sunbury Victoria

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2017 Craiglee Reserve Shiraz Sunbury Victoria – In 1863, James Stewart Johnston, a prominent Melbourne businessman and member of Parliament, first planted vines at Craiglee. Johnston made wines on the site for over a decade and planted a number of varieties, though his 1872 Hermitage (Shiraz) was his most notable wine, winning a number of international awards. His sons continued making wines at Craiglee into the 1920s, when changing economic circumstances and public taste forced a change of enterprise. The paddocks were turned over to lamb production, and the doors to the winery were shut.

Fast forward fifty years, when Patrick Carmody, an ag science student, was working on his family farm on the site of the old Craiglee vineyard. In 1972, a number of Johnston’s 1872 Hermitage bottles were opened at a function in Melbourne. John Brown Sr. of Brown Brothers happened to be at the dinner, and was so impressed by the 100-year-old vintage that he decided to visit the Sunbury site to see if it still existed. He encountered young Pat at the farm and suggested he consider replanting on the site – there was something special about this place. Not just its history, but its terroir, which proved ideal for growing cool-climate wines.

Pat planted vines on the original site in 1976 and processed his first wine three years later. From that point forward, he devoted himself to the task, going on to produce some of Australia’s finest wines which have seen ongoing success.

This Reserve release Shiraz is out of this world. A crazy amount of complexity here. Bouquet leaps out of the glass. Expect notes of dark berries, leather, spice and pepper. These flavours continue through to the palate. Tannins are fine and firm and give excellent structure. Balanced oak rounds of this amazing flavour experience. What a wine.

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