Over the past 12 months Senka and her team of professionals have been developing an ecommerce website for my business. What a great job Senka and her team have done. Our website is a great example of their work and I could not be any happier.

Senka’s professionalism has been outstanding. She listened to our ideas as well as giving us input into what she thinks would have been best for our successful website. As an existing customer of our business before she undertook the design and development of our website, meaning she gave us that little bit of extra help as I am still learning about computers and how to use them. She has answered all of our questions even though I am sure some of them would have sounded dumb, and still managed to handle our queries with the utmost professionalism.

We were even getting orders around Australia before our website went live to our Inner West, Sydney market. We are amazed at how quickly our national database is growing thanks to her expert knowledge with organic search engine optimisation. We can see now that organic SEO is way more effective, powerful and cost effective. Once again, thanks for a great job!!! Our business is expanding rapidly. Our sales are boosting and becoming more regular from around Australia. Thanks to Senka the director of Top 10 SEO Sydney