2021 Massolino Dolcetto d’Alba Italy

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2021 Massolino Dolcetto d’Alba Italy – First produced all the way back in 1896, Massolino only uses its finest Dolcetto fruit for this bottling; the remainder is sold in bulk. The Dolcetto is raised entirely in stainless steel tanks retain freshness and purity.

Fresh, fruity, sweet and elegant aromas dominate. A wide and warm entrance which then opens up to multiple flavours which contribute to a rich and concentrated wine. Soft and smooth, leaving a long and pleasant aftertaste.

It is advised to serve it at a temperature of 18-20°C. Wine for the whole meal “by tradition” of the Langhe. It is also perfect for snacks based on cured meats and cheeses or to open the meal with meat dishes and cold cuts. Pasta-based first courses, risottos, soups and red meats, especially grilled ones, enhance their good body and pleasant drinkability.

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