Wooing Tree Blondie – One of the Best NZ Wines from the Central Otago Wine Region

Wooing Tree Blondie 2019 Central Otago Wine, Blanc the Noir best NZ wine. A True Blanc de Noir made from 100% Pinot Noir

A True Blanc de Noir made from 100% Pinot Noir with an abundance of flavour

Today we share with you an exclusive review of Wooing Tree Blondie – a lustrous must taste Central Otago wine. We put a spotlight on New Zealand Winemakers and the famous Central Otago wine-making region (home of some of the best NZ wines). We also cover tasting notes of this beautiful Blanc de Noir and where to buy your bottle.

New Zealand Winemakers

Our neighbours in New Zealand have quietly been offering up award-winning, must taste wines for years. Vineyards stretch across both the north and south islands in a range of unique soils and climate types. The cool breeze from the ocean sweeps across the islands, and the mountains provide shade(*1). Conditions couldn’t be more ideal for slowly maturing grapes perfect for wine-making.

The Central Otago Wine Region

Central Otago boasts the most southerly located vineyards in the world. The star of the region is pinot noir which is closely followed by chardonnay and sauvignon blanc(*2).

Central Otago has a long-standing reputation for producing some of the best NZ wines. Blondie is no exception. If you haven’t tried a New Zealand wine yet, start with one from the Central Otago region.

Why the Name “Wooing Tree”?

The Wooing Tree winery is located on the southern island near Cromwell on the western side of Dunstan lake(*2). It is not only one of the most southerly vineyards in New Zealand, but it is also one of few that sits at such a high altitude. The estate is owned and run by two siblings and their partners(*3).

The couples explain the story behind the name ‘Wooing Tree’(*4).

To locals, the wooing tree is a special place of romance. Many proposals and declarations of love have happened there. As a result, the wooing tree was not cleared during the establishment of the winery(*4). It stands tall amongst the vineyards and is still a special place for locals and the vineyard owners.

Our Pick from Wooing Tree – Blondie Blanc de Noir

The 2019 Wooing Tree Blondie Blanc de Noir is our pick from the beautiful range of wines from the family estate. It is a clean, crisp wine with good fruit intensity, a dusting of spice and a touch of honey complexity.

Blend: 100% Pinot Noir. Minimal skin contact gives it a clear, lustrous pale pink colour as you can see in our video review.

Aroma and Flavour: The flavours are light and fruity with an abundance of stone fruits such as nectarines, and sweet, crisp pears. The aroma does not disappoint with ripe fruits coming through in each glass.

This blanc de noir is a popular choice from the Wooing Tree range and is perfect served chilled on a warm summer’s day. It has excellent length and good complexity(*5). If you are serving with a meal, Blondie pairs well with poultry dishes.

Where to Buy the 2019 Wooing Tree Blondie?

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