2020 Totara Sauvignon Blanc: White Wine From Marlborough New Zealand

2020 Totara Sauvignon Blanc: White Wine From Marlborough New Zealand

Totara is an Ideal Entry-Level Sauv Blanc From our Neighbours in NZ

You can never have too much Sauv Blanc! If you are just starting your Sauvignon Blanc wine journey, NZ’s 2020 Totara Marlborough is a great place to start. Direct from New Zealand, the affordability and tropical taste of Totara combine to make this a great entry-level wine. The fruit and wine-making techniques used to make this beautiful Sauv Blanc are focused on producing a food-friendly wine with a point of difference, and excellent value for money.

• Affordable – starting at just $12.99 per bottle.
• Support wine growers and vintners in our region.
• Food friendly – pair with many seafood dishes.
• Ready to drink – no need to age. Open and enjoy immediately(*1).

The Picturesque Wine-Growing Region of Marlborough NZ

Marlborough is New Zealand has been one of the world’s most famous Sauvignon Blanc wine regions since the 1980s(*1,2). Located at the top of the south island, the region is sunny with hot (30C) summers and fresh breezes(*2,3).

27,000 hectares of vineyards encompass the region with Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, and Chardonnay being the most widely produced(*2). Wines from this region are fruit-forward with excellent aromas. This is thanks to the mineral-rich soils, micro-climates, and cool breezes(*2).

Totara Tree New Zealand, 2020 Totara Sauvignon Blanc
Totara Tree New Zealand

Then and Now: Totara Winery, Marlborough, NZ

Totara’s winery in Blenheim, in the southern valleys, is in the heart of the Marlborough wine region(*2,3). Sauv Blanc found a place on the world stage in the 80’s however the Marlborough wine region was born much earlier. In 1925, a Chinese refugee named Joe Ah Chan was the first to cultivate vines at Totara(*4).

Nowadays, the Totara winery is owned by Opici Wines and Endeavour Vineyards. Winemakers, Matthew Ward and Alan Peters-Oswald have worked hard to create wines that express the beauty of Marlborough(*5,6).

The name of the winery pays homage to the native Totara tree. These trees grow to enormous heights of 100 feet or more and can live for 1,000 years(*6). They are ingrained in Maori culture and have been used for boats, canoe and house building for generations(*1,6). Like the tree, Totara wines are durable and long-lasting.

A Tropical and Food-Friendly Sauvignon Blanc

Many people think of snow-capped mountains (and Lord of the Rings) when you mention New Zealand. So, it can be surprising to find a tropical style Sauvignon Blanc from this area of the world.

Flavour: Tropical gooseberry, big notes of passionfruit, and a hint of citrus(*1).
Finish: This wine finishes clean, quite dry and refreshing(*1,7).

If you are looking for a Sauvignon Blanc to pair with a seafood dish that is of excellent value, Totara is what we would recommend.

Angle shot of vineyards, 2020 Totara Sauvignon Blanc: White Wine From Marlborough New Zealand
Angle shot of vineyards, 2020 Totara Sauvignon New Zealand

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