Standish Wine Co The Standish Shiraz Vertical 6 pack

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Standish Wine Co The Standish Shiraz Vertical 6 pack – A tasting pack of 3 different vintages of Dan Standish’s exceptional The Standish Shiraz.

The tasting pack consists of;
2 x bottle – 2015 The Standish
2 x bottle – 2016 The Standish
2 x bottle – 2017 The Standish

100% Shiraz – Sourced from the Laycock Vineyard – Parbs Road, Greenock, Barossa Valley Planted on own roots in 2002 (1.39 Hectare – 9ft x 6ft spacing) Ironstone gravels and schist over dark red clays at 314m above sea level.

Standish’s bright, luscious Shiraz’s each reveal refined, multi-layers of graceful tannin; fleshy and distinguished. While unmistakably Barossan, this vintage carries an elegance akin to a Northern Rhone offering – an atypical shift resulting from a more modest variation of our renowned ‘blow-dry’ summer heat.

Barrel de-classification took a leading role for these creations, bottling less than one third of production, retaining only the crème de la crème for the final cuvees. The role that soil, site and aspect play is distinctly evident in each of these single site wines as they show their most unique tones to date.

The Schubert Theorem lies within a branch of mathematics known as ‘knot theory’. It states that any knot can be uniquely decomposed as the connected sum of prime knots. Aptly named, this wine deconstructs the Schubert family vineyard into its distinct sections, taking the finest elements of each and re-assembling to connect and enhance their strengths.

Seductive, stylish and devastatingly powerful, the Standish wines are unmistakably Barossan with an X-Factor.

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