Sami-Odi Little Wine #8 Syrah Barossa Valley

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Sami-Odi Little Wine #8 Syrah Barossa Valley – An unvintaged “assemblage” composed of casks from 2018 (48%), 2017 (29%), 2016 (12%), 2015 (9%) & 2012 (2%). Exclusively sourced from their treasured plots within the Hoffmann’s “dallwitz” vineyard from the vines planted in 1996, 1995, 1960 & the oldest vines planted prior to 1912. 6415 bottles were filled.

Our simple yet attentive farming philosophy remains unchanged, with paramount importance placed on prudence, organics and our alignment with lunar rhythms. All cuts are made amid descending moons and with the greatest of care, yearning to produce fine canes, balanced clusters and small berries with firm and resilient skins. Shoot thinning, suckering and crop paring are all integral parts of our annual cycle with an ideal to farm as simply as possible, resulting in the harvest of healthy fruit early in the season that requires no adjustments and little intervention.

Our cellar practices continue this premise; hand sorted clusters endure their primary fermentation at whatever pace the season dictates, without the use of destemming, pumps, yeasts, enzymes or temperature control. The whole clusters are gently pigeaged by foot prior to basket pressing into Burgundian Pièces where they complete both their primary and malolactic fermentations. To encourage the retention of naturally occurring carbon dioxide (a by-product of fermentation and a natural preservative and antioxidant) the wines are not racked or clarified during their elevage and remain on their lees until they are assembled

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