All Saints Estate Rutherglen Muscadelle 375ml Rutherglen

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All Saints Estate Rutherglen Muscadelle 375ml Rutherglen – Muscadelle wines from their national birthplace in North East Victoria are revered by connoisseurs and pleasure-seekers alike. They are classified by blend age to mark the dazzling progression in richness and intensity as older stocks are blended in from barrels. This Muscadelle has a classification of 7+ years.

Kaleidoscope hues of amber and gold. Exotic flavours of tea-leaf, malt and toffee. Be seduced by the charms of this hedonistic dessert wine.

Delightful on its own or alongside coffee to end a meal, it would also be wonderful served chilled with fruit based desserts.

In a world first innovation, the complete range is bottled in the sophisticated 375ml Vino-Lok bottle with glass stopper and screw cap.

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