2022 Standish Wine Co Lamella Shiraz Eden Valley

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2022 Standish Wine Co Lamella Shiraz Eden Valley – Hand-picked from the Hutton Vale Vineyard in the Eden Valley right next door to Mt. Edelstone! There is something special happening here. Whether it is the extremely low annual rainfalls, the unique sandy granitic soils or the crazy old age of the vine plants.

Blessed with a long cool ripening season each of these 2022 Shiraz’s are unabashedly Barossa but more intricately reveal a distinct sense of place in which the vines inhabit. An outstanding vintage to showcase the intimate temperaments within their special part of the world.

Standish’s bright, luscious Shiraz’s each reveal refined, multi-layers of graceful tannin; fleshy and distinguished. While unmistakably Barossan, this vintage carries an elegance akin to a Northern Rhone offering – an atypical shift resulting from a more modest variation of our renowned ‘blow-dry’ summer heat.

Fragrantly scented, tautly structured and finely poised – this represents the coiled reserve of the Eden Valley. Delicately portioned and beautifully balanced its fragrant notes of acacia petal, crème de cassis and parfait amour are supported by an underlying swath of Szechuan pepper, Guatemalan cocoa and cool limestone. Supple, lithe, its youthful ease shouldn’t detract from the sea of promise it holds for the future.

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