2022 S.C. Pannell Smart Grenache McLaren Vale

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2022 S.C. Pannell Smart Grenache McLaren Vale – Stephen’s interest in Grenache stretches back to the mid 90’s upon first arriving in McLaren Vale. A preference for making medium bodied wine lead him to Grenache and the love affair began. Given the warm, Mediterranean-climate, Grenache grows as well in McLaren Vale as any of the more revered Grenache regions including France’s Rhone Valley, Priorat in Spain and Italy’s Sardinia. It’s medium bodied nature also makes it ideal for our food, life style and climate.

It is unusual and rare to find 100% Grenache wines, as most of the time it is blended. Stephen has been making a varietal Grenache from McLaren Vale for the past 20 years and can now provocatively state that he thinks it ages more gracefully than McLaren Vale Shiraz. Grenache will become McLaren Vale’s most recognised wine and our true wine of place.

The aromas are bold; there’s no holding back: raspberry, strawberry and blackberry, beeswax, rose petals, citrus rind, mandarin and cumquat perfume. The palate introduces Turkish Delight, musk lollies, rosewater and exotic spice, including mace. It’s exotic. Super-fine tannins make their presence immediately known and carry the amaro flavours on an astonishingly long finish.

Grenache generally has two distinct stages of aging. The primary stage lasts for two to three years and it is all about the fresh berry fruit characters. The wine should then go through a quieter stage where the nose closes down. It is during this time the wine develops secondary bottle aged characters. This can take from three to five years and is a difficult process to predict and entirely dependent on how the wine is stored. Ultimately, and with the right cellaring conditions, this Grenache can be kept for 20 years

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