2021 Maker Master Merchant Organic Shiraz NSW

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2021 Maker Master Merchant Organic Shiraz NSW – Maker Merchant Master is more than a concept, not just a brand. It is an ideal that metastasized intuitively, borne of a desire for poised, savory and eminently drinkable wines from as close to their backyard as possible; as much an ethical desire to support local regions and acknowledge those who have long trod their soils, long before Australian viticulture existed.

Subsequently a meld of wine folk; Aaron Mercer, Ned Goodwin MW and Andrew Jamieson, each bearing unique skills to serve as rivets to the final weld, gave birth to the name. Each with familial ties to the most historic of wine regions. Each with a reservoir of experience that one can trust. After all, the Hunter and the vinous reaches of the Great Divide serve as their backyard. The vineyards, organically certified and articulated with a gentle hand and little flourish, deliver their desire for quality, unrivalled value and wines that speak of the holistic confluence between them and those places where they work and thrive.

Blue fruited Shiraz, medium weighted and spice laden. Briar, blueberry and violet, white pepper over a medium frame supported by fresh natural sinewy tannins. A long, soft and very enjoyable finish.

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