2021 Kangarilla Road Cabernet Sauvignon McLaren Vale

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2021 Kangarilla Road Cabernet Sauvignon McLaren Vale – Kangarilla Road’s wines are made in a nurturing manner with care and attention to detail. They want to get the very most from the grapes in order to make the best wines possible in the style that we all love. Wines that have varietal integrity as reflected by the individual leaves. They are sometimes diverse but always approachable, authentic, consistent and delicious.

Smokey sexy Cabernet with aromas of blueberries, mint, basil, sage, fresh coriander and lavender together with a hint of capsicum. There is a big mouthful of mulberries, with hints of candied orange and Campari. The finish is long and lingering carried by an abundance of fine tannins that create coffee stout and dark chocolate flavours.

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