2020 Little Giant Little Batch Shiraz Mataro McLaren Vale

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2020 Little Giant Little Batch Shiraz Mataro McLaren Vale – The southern hairy-nose wombat is smaller than other wombats but is stocky, robust and the proud state emblem of South Australia. Like the might of the little wombat, Little Giant is crafted from premium regional South Australian fruit from established vineyards that deliver character and interest well above their size and weight.

Hand-crafted and made with minimal additions and preservatives, these are wines made of the vineyard. The grapes are picked at optimal ripeness, minimally handled in the winery and fruit vibrancy is not hidden by non-essential artifact. Seeking first and foremost fruit expression, drinkability and to be a great accompaniment to food. Don’t let the size fool you, these are wines you’ll want to drink.

McLaren Vale Shiraz is always very generous, with plenty of perfumed blue fruit, some licorice and spice as well as a fleshy mid-palate. Due to this rounded, plump mid-palate, Shiraz blends very well with Mataro which is all about the back of the palate. Mataro brings, spice, complexity, texture and strength to the finish. The combination of Shiraz and Mataro in this blend from McLaren Vale works well, with each providing elements to make a complete and seamless wine.

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