2020 JC’s Own Angaston Foothills Grenache Barossa Valley

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2020 JC’s Own Angaston Foothills Grenache Barossa Valley – 150 year old bush vine Barossa Valley Grenache vineyards are a rare treat. Walking amongst the old bush vines gives Jaysen such a wonderment of what has transpired in the years gone by to get to this moment in time. It’s like he is breathing the air of times past – it can be truly something quite moving and somewhat magical.

He has been working with Barossa Grenache since his first vintage and whilst versatile, it can easily become overly sweet and some people can even call it lolly water. But not this special site – no way Jose. It gets cool air draining from the Eden Valley across the red sands, so he has found it leans more towards complexity and structure, which is what pushes his buttons.

How does he treat such a special site – pretty simply is the answer. 100% whole bunches get a foot treading over several weeks, press it to large oak barrels and bottle it unfined and unfiltered. That means when he tastes this wine he’s still caught up in the magic from the vineyard that has transpired for well over a century. He’ll wipe the tear from his eye as he has another glass.

The best way to describe this Grenache is Powerful yet elegant. Jaysen really has this whole Grenache thing under wraps. The wine oozes red berries, dark fruits, a sprinkle of spice and a dusting of fine grained tannin. A richer style for Jaysen but still well balanced and not overt. The wine is super gluggable and down right delicious!

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