2019 BK Wines Pinot Grigio Adelaide Hills

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2019 BK Wines Pinot Grigio Adelaide Hills – BK Wines was established in 2007 by Brendon and Kirstyn Keys. Their goal has been to create fabulous art. Beautiful, unique, sensuous, deceptively minimalist, envelope-pushing art.

Brendon’s greatest strengths as a winemaker are his passion for artistic expression and his uncompromising quest for high-quality fruit. As a winemaker he uses a minimalist approach to gently guide well-chosen fruit to a beautiful final result in the bottle. This combination of an artistic soul and unyielding quality standards makes Brendon a recognised master of his craft.

Neither linear Grigio nor frilly Gris but some singular little sister in between. Picked for richness and partially fermented in a ceramic ‘egg’ and partially in steel, this wine has seen a fair amount of lees contact giving it depth and texture far beyond a Grigio but with lustre and crunch uncommon to a Gris. A dense, aromatic nose, a seamless velvet palate and a spritz of zest. It’s tempting to tell ourselves that success is in the craft of the winemaking, but sometimes the true art is just knowing when to pick.

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