2018 Unico Zelo The River Nero D Avola Riverland

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2018 Unico Zelo The River Nero D Avola Riverland – Proudly from some of the most ancient soils on this earth – The Riverland, a complete underdog region that epitomises what it is to craft fine wine on the edge. Rich red earth, sandy soils covering limestone. Challenging, avant-garde – and one of the most exciting wines we’ve crafted to date. This variety hails from the wild land of Sicily – or as some would know it, south of the border – effectively – another Italy. We’re intensely passionate about this variety and it’s clear potential in the warm, sun-drenched spots of Australia. The insane water-efficiency of this variety coupled with no additions in the vineyard or winery (save for a small component of SO2 at bottling) displays the potential for this variety to craft succulent, juicy, aromatic and supremely refreshing wine. One of our most gluggable/smashable wines.

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