2018 Sami-Odi Hoffmann Dallwitz Syrah Barossa Valley

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2018 Sami-Odi Hoffmann Dallwitz Syrah Barossa Valley – The first represents of the delightful 2018 growing season, where naturally low yields and ideal conditions combined beautifully. It’s a supple and genteel rendition of the Hoffmann’s sun kissed earths which offers both accessibility and potential. One can feel liberated to enjoy it now or bury it away for donkey’s years.

A composition of Fraser’s most pertinent and charismatic casks from the alluring 2018 growing season.

Derived from the two pioneering plantings within the Hoffmann’s patchwork of Eben-Ezer vineyards; ER-27 planted in 1927 and DW-OLD between 1888 & 1912 by Oscar Falland.

These 23 Burgundian Pièces were carefully assembled and bottled amidst the spring of 2019 after enduring their 78 weak elevage. Bottles were filled without filtration, fining or sparging (the removal of naturally occurring oxygen & C02) and all transfer’s were completed via gravity prior to bottling.

Yields ranged between 29 & 38 hectolitres per hectare. 6341 bottles were filled.

Will notably benefit from decanting and once opened will continue to unfold and develop complexities for many days if kept in cool conditions.

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