2018 Riversdale Estate Roaring 40s Chardonnay Tasmania

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    2018 Riversdale Estate Roaring 40s Chardonnay Tasmania – The Estate produces for the locally Tasmanian known Roaring 40’s label which derived its name from the intense winds that Tasmania receives on the West Coast from being situated on the 40-degree latitude band. This label showcases young grapes and differing methods of winemaking which makes it a fresh and delicious current vintage label that is becoming increasingly popular. The Wine quality is consistently good and can even be outstanding. We are very thankful at the Estate to not produce poor grapes therefore all labels we supply and make are made with high quality grapes which in turn create high quality wines. The Roaring 40’s Label is also made to be food friendly with low residual sugar contents.

    A label that is completely fruit driven and showcases the food friendly styles they intended these chardonnays to have. Often is star bright within glasses and exhibits fresh and aromatic characters.

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