2016 Dry River Pinot Gris Martinborough

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2016 Dry River Pinot Gris Martinborough – Dry River’s goal is to produce wines of optimal phenolic ripeness with ripe fruit flavours and modest alcohol levels that faithfully reflect the site and vint

Pinot gris is a variety that Dry River believes benefits from a late harvest. They strive to hang this fruit deep into autumn in order to be rewarded with a wide array of aromas and an intricate texture, without the need for winemaker artefact. This season, Pinot gris, was about patience and the blessing of friendly weather. Eventually it was picked in three stages, the last in late April, with ample shrivel and concentration.

Kiwi fruit, rock melon and white flesh stone-fruit are the obvious fruit aromas. We gladly welcome the stewed rhubarb character you often see in their past Pinot gris. Bay leave, ground galangal, and other Indian spices like cardamom and caraway seed add further interest. Candle nuts and vanilla pod bring a grounding effect and entice to finally start tasting!  he wine appears drier than previous releases, the residual sugar is approximately 20 g/l, which might be thanks to the interplay with a fresh acidity and the drying effect of the mid palate phenolics. Together with the oily nature, an even and wide perception, the wine is allowed to travel with little effort and hindrance. The alcohol plays an important role by supplying buoyancy, length and unity. We expect this wine to improve over the next three to five years with a further gain of interest when cellared for longer.

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