2008 Champagne Collet Brut Millesime Ay France

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2008 Champagne Collet Brut Millesime Ay France – 66% Chardonnay creates elegance and finesse. 34% Pinot Noir adding depth and structure. Aged for a minimum of six years at ideal conditions in our one hundred-year-old chalk cellars. We intentionally age our wines longer than the officially required period (minimum 15 months) so as to provide our customers with champagne that is at its optimum.

Appearance: Pale yellow highlights with a fine elongated bead.
Nose: Smoky, vanilla, brioche and walnut notes.
Palate: Subtle yet lifted palate, rare finesse and extraordinary length. Serve chilled at 7-8°C.

Undeniably suited to refined gastronomy and exquisite when paired with fine-aged hard cheeses.

Since 1921, the house of Collet has been creating champagnes of character with a view to satisfy connoisseurs who are looking for authenticity, elegance and a great finesse. Located in Aÿ, at the heart of the Champagne region, Collet’s vineyards are based mainly on Premier and Grand crus that reflect the diversity of the champagne regions terroirs. Champagne Collet is a high gastronomy wine. Each cuvee was developed to be perfectly associated with all occasions, from the aperitif to the finest dish.

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