Heathcote’s Wild Duck Creek Estate Red Wine is Flying High

Heathcote’s Wild Duck Creek Estate Red Wine is Flying High. Get Your Bottles Delivered: Springflat, Muck Shiraz (2017), or Yellow Hammer Hill

Get Your Bottles Delivered: Springflat, Muck Shiraz (2017), or Yellow Hammer Hill

Today, you are given a peek into the richly flavoured, well-balanced wines from Heathcote’s Wild Duck Creek Estate. Get a glimpse of what to expect in flavour and the history of the iconic Australian winery. You can buy your bottles of Duck Muck Shiraz, Springflat Shiraz, Yellow Hammer Hill Red blend, limited release Rose and many others in-store or on the Summer Hill Wine Shop website.

Scroll down to learn about the following Wild Duck Creek Estate wines:

  • 2013 Duck Muck Shiraz
  • 2016 Springlfat Shiraz (375ml Half Bottle)
  • 2017 Yellow Hammer Hill

Australians and International Markets Love Australian Wine

Globally, the wine industry is teeming with talent. Here in Australia, winemakers rank as some of the best in the world thanks to our diverse climatic regions and exceptional wine-making skills. In fact, Australia is the 4th largest exporter of wine globally(*1).

Did you know?

Australians have developed diverse and refined wine palates. We drink (on average) 13 litres of wine per year!(*2).

Heathcote, Victoria

The ancient land of the Heathcote wine growing region has been home to vintners since the 1850s(*3).

The rich depth of flavour in Heathcote wines comes from a perfect balance of greenstone and volcanic soils, a moderate climate and year-round rainfall. The dark-coloured, voluptuous vines grown in the region give wine-makers optimal fruit to work with(*3).

One of the oldest and most successful wineries in the Heathcote region is the Wild Duck Creek Estate. Read on to learn about the winery and take a peek at their most exceptional offerings.

Wild Duck Creek Estate

Located in Heathcote, Victoria, the family-owned Wild Duck Creek Estate was established in 1974(*4). Over the decades, Wild Duck Creek has attracted domestic and cult-level international interest as their vineyards and wines have continued to grow.

Every wine produced showcases the full and rich flavours they have become renowned for.


Exceptional Offerings from the Wild Duck Creek Estate

There is no way to choose only one bottle to review from Wild Duck Creek. So, we have chosen three different bottles to introduce you to which are in stock (as of writing). As some of the wines are made in small quantities, they tend to sell out quickly.

Wild Duck is famous for the Shiraz they produce from their dark black-purple Syrah vines. From their entry-level Shiraz to their flagship offering – expect bold, intense flavours in their reds (and high alcohol volumes which are somehow balanced to perfection)(*4).

2013 Duck Muck Shiraz

The flagship Shiraz from Wild Duck Creek Estate, the Duck Muck is easily their most iconic wine. Not only is it a beautiful drink, but you can tell there has been a focus on the detail of the bottle’s design and packaging(*4). The Duck Muck is only ever made when the vintage is of the highest quality. The fruits is sourced from the vineyards oldest and highest performing vines.(*5,6). They are excellent for cellaring and have the pedigree to lay down for decades.

2016 Springflat Shiraz (375ml Half Bottle)

Shiraz from eight vineyards is combined during blending to create the ultimate Heathcote Shiraz. The 2016 Springflat Shiraz is matured in American Oak and French Hogsheads (barrels). The beautiful flavours of the Springflat Shiraz are to be savoured.

2017 Yellow Hammer Hill

If you are cooking, this wine will pair with just about anything. It is a Shiraz base blended with varying amounts of Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon. Originally, it was made for restaurants with just two different vineyard’s fruits. Now, it is made with specially chosen fruits from 10 vineyards. It is a quintessential Wild Duck red and one we highly recommend trying.

Heathcote’s Wild Duck Creek Estate Red Wine is Flying High, Springflat, Muck Shiraz (2017), or Yellow Hammer Hill

Wild Duck Creek Estate Wine Deliveries Across Australia

No matter where you are in Australia, you can have your Wild Duck Creek Estate wines delivered straight to you. If you would like to shop from home, order online via the Summer Hill Online Wine Shop and we will carefully package up your order and get it delivered to you.

If you are in the Sydney or Summer Hill areas, please feel free to head into the Summer Hill Wine Shop store. Our staff are always happy to meet customers face-to-face.




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