Hampton Water Rosé 2019: Wine by Jesse and Jon Bon Jovi

Hampton Water Rosé 2019: Wine by Jesse and Jon Bon Jovi Limited Supply and Sydney’s Only Stocks of Hampton Water – Order Now

Limited Supply and Sydney’s Only Stocks of Hampton Water – Order Now

If you are looking for a dry but fresh rosé with a long finish that pairs with just about any meal, this is it. The 2019 Hampton Water Rosé is set to be as impressive as its 2018 predecessor. The trio behind Hampton Water is French vintner, Gérard Bertrand, rockstar, Jon Bon Jovi and his son Jesse. Here, we give you as close to a taste as possible (short of handing you a glass). We cover the story behind the wine, tasting notes, and how to secure your bottle before they sell out.

Living on a Prayer (in the Hamptons)

The 2019 Hampton Water Rosé is not bad medicine. Luckily, the wine has not moved Jon to the wanted dead or alive winemakers list. Puns aside, Bon Jovi has thoroughly cemented his name in rock music history, and now winemaking. The Hamptons lifestyle and the friendliness and warmth of Southern France inspired the wine and the label. It is a classy, fresh wine with great minerality(*1).

French Vintners

France is renowned for producing many of the world’s best vintners. From Madame Pommery to the highly sought after Château Palmer and many more. Gérard Bertrand, the vintner behind Hampton Water, stands in good company. Bertrand’s resume and list of exceptional wine projects are extensive. His remarkable taste and winemaking knowledge (including 43 harvests(*2)) extend back to his first grape harvest in 1975(*3) with his father.

The Languedoc, Southern France

The Languedoc is the central part of southern France, and where Gérard Bertrand nurtures every one of his plots. The region is blessed with coastal breezes from the Mediterranean Sea. It boasts hot summers and has a huge diversity in soil types and climatic conditions(*4).

Inside the Bottle: 2019 Hampton Water Rosé Tasting Notes

The 2018 release sold out in record time and was ranked in the top 100 wines in the world with a massive score of 90/100(*5). The 2019 offering featuring ‘The Diver’ on the label is just as exciting and scored even higher at 94/100(*6). As Jon Bon Jovi said, his name alone does not sell the wine. It is what is in the bottle that matters(*7).

Blend: Grenache, Cinsault and Mourvèdre.
Aroma: Floral with a good mixture of red berry fruits(*8).
Texture: Slender textural qualities.
Finish: Long, dry, fresh crisp finish to this wine.

From steaks, BBQs, Thai food, oysters and more, this rosé pairs well with just about any meal – according to Jesse Bongiovi(*9). Learn more about the process that goes into making this stand-out wine here.

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