Ghost Rock’s Best 2020 Pinot Noir – Supernatural & Estate, Tasmania

Ghost Rock Supernatural Estate Pinot Noir 2020, Best Pinot Noir Tasmania. Progressive, Fresh and Bursting with Juicy Cool Climate Fruits

Progressive, Fresh and Bursting with Juicy Cool Climate Fruits

Looking for a new Pinot Noir to try? Let us introduce you to one of the best Australian wine producers, Ghost Rock from Tasmania. Today, we are covering their 2020 Estate Pinot Noir and 2020 Supernatural Pinot Noir. The Estate Pinot Noir is a blend of nine different clones from across their family vineyard. Supernatural is more of a fun, creative style of wine. It is made with wild fermentation and is unfiltered and unfined. It also has a low amount of sulphur added to the wine. It is a fresh, new style of Tassie Pinot Noir. Both of these wines are high quality, have tonnes of fun packed into them, and are really good value for money. Supernatural Pinot Noir can be purchased for as low as $27 and the Estate Pinot Noir starts at $30.

Ghost Rock Winery, Tasmania

Ghost Rock, in the northern part of Tasmania along the Cradle Coast, is owned and run by the Arnold family(*1-3). It is only a stone’s throw from the Spirit of Tasmania, Launceston, and Cradle Mountain. This five red star winery (James Halliday) sits on around 27 hectares which are mostly comprised of Pinot Noir(*1,2). It also has small amounts of Chardonnay and Pinot Gris planted(*1).

What is Wild Fermentation?

When a wine is ‘wild fermented’, it simply means it has been left to naturally ferment with as little intervention as possible. What results are highly complex flavours, structure, and texture(*3). Each vintage made with wild fermentation is different and absolutely worth trying! They’re also usually quite small batches. Supernatural, from Ghost Rock is one such wine that has been wild fermented. Scroll down to read more about this progressive (and brilliant) Pinot (or head to Summer Hill Wine Shop to pick up a bottle).

Tasmania’s Best Pinot Noir Revealed

Ghost Rock 2020 Estate Pinot Noir

Where to begin? The 2020 vintage Ghost Rock Estate Pinot Noir is a delicate, perfumed wine. Cool climate clarity, texture and length are enhanced from the 11 months maturation in first-grade French oak barrels(*1,4,5).

Aroma: Elegantly perfumed with notes of spice, cherries, and elderflower(*6).
Flavour: Bursting juicy fruits, savoury, and bold(*6).
Finish: Brilliant long, succulent finish(*6).

Ghost Rock’s Estate Pinot Noir is available to buy from only $30.

Ghost Rock 2020 Supernatural Pinot Noir

Incredibly small batches of Supernatural are crafted to make you go ‘wow’(*7). The 2020 Supernatural Pinot Noir has a rich mid-palate. It is fresh, clean and boasts natural acidity. It is unfined, unfiltered and wild fermented(*1,7,8).

Aroma: Wild berries, spice, and earth.
Flavour: Textured palate with spice notes and luscious, juicy berry fruits and sour cherries(*8).
Finish: Silky and fresh.

Open a bottle of the quickly selling Supernatural today from only $27.

If you are ever in the shop or ordering wine online and looking for a fun Pinot Noir, these are a great starting place! Enjoy ?

We also stock Ghost Rock’s 2021 Pinot Gris!



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