Grenache from the Barossa, Clare, and Eden Valleys

Tonic and Round Two Grenache from the Barossa, Clare and Eden Valleys

Hand-picked for You: 2015 Eperosa Stonegarden Grenache, 2019 Head Ancestor Vine Grenache, 2019 Tonic Grenache and 2019 Round Two Grenache

The red grape varietal Grenache is juicy, vibrant, medium-bodied, and full-flavoured. The bottles we have chosen to share with you sit across a range of price points to satisfy every budget. In just four minutes, you will have the information you need to choose a perfect Grenache for your next dinner or afternoon refreshment.

Tantalise your senses with Australian Grenache:

• 2019 Round Two Grenache from the Barossa Valley.
• 2019 Tonic Grenache from Clare Valley and McLaren Vale.
• 2015 Eperosa Stonegarden 1858 Grenache from Eden Valley.
2019 Head Ancestor Vines Grenache from Eden Valley.

Grenache – Red Grape Varietal

The Grenache grape originated in northern Spain and the Rhône Valley in France(*1,2). Thanks to its durability and versatility, it quickly spread across the world. It is often blended with other grapes (notably as GSM); however, you will also find brilliant single varietals(*1,3). Grenache also grows well (and is greatly loved) in Australia and the USA.

Australian Grenache

Australia has some of the oldest Grenache vines in the world! Some were planted in the 1850s and still produce fruit to this day(*1,3). Although Grenache is planted across the country, South Australia (SA) is where it shines. SA provides an ideal climate for Grenache to fully ripen. In fact, nearly all of Australia’s Grenache is grown in South Australia. McLaren Vale and the Barossa Valley produce some of the finest examples(*1,3). Up until recently, Grenache was primarily only used in blends. As the popularity of the grape has increased, so have single vineyard releases of Grenache(*1).

What is a Good Grenache to Try?

We have selected four bottles of Australian Grenache to introduce you to today. With prices ranging from $15.99 to $90, there is a Grenache to fit into every wine budget.

Round Two’s 2019 Single Vineyard Grenache from the Barossa Valley

Kim Teusner (winemaker) and Warwick Murray (viticulturist) are the faces behind this Single Vineyard Grenache(*1,4,5). Round Two is family-run and they are proud of their hands-on approach to creating wine(*5). All of Round Two’s wines are made in small batches by the family of four(*5). This is a really good example of what an easy-drinking, medium-bodied Grenache has to offer. It is also exceptional value for money with bottles starting at just $15.99. 

Aroma: Juicy red berries, spices, and cigar box notes.
Flavour: High on raspberry tones, cherries and dark plum. You’ll also pick up notes of spices such as cinnamon and star anise(*1,4).
Finish: Good length and silky tannins(*4).

Time to get in the ring for Round Two!

Tonic’s 2019 Grenache from McLaren Vale and Clare Valley

The Tonic winery is known for producing small batches of delicious (and unusual) wines. If you are looking for something a little more fun, yet high quality, this is one to try(*1). They continue to out-do themselves year after year – particularly with their Grenache. 2019 Tonic Grenache is available from $30 per bottle.

Aroma: Dried cherries, red berries, and bittersweet Campari. The Campari is what makes this wine unusual(*6).
Flavour: Campari and red fruits(*6).
Finish: Long and pure with a hint of almond(*7).

2015 Eperosa Stonegarden Grenache, 2019 Head Ancestor Vine Grenache from the Barossa, Clare, and Eden Valleys

Eperosa’s 2015 Stonegarden 1858 Grenache from Eden Valley

From vines planted over 150 years ago (in 1858) comes this amazing Grenache from Eperosa(*1). This vintage showcases the amazing growing season Eperosa had in 2015. The bottle has had six years of ageing, so it is at its peak for drinking now(*1). Get ready to uncork your bottle with prices starting at $60!

Aroma: High fruit intensity, earthiness and floral scents(*9).
Flavour: Lush tannins are followed by juicy red fruits, rose petals and herbs(*9).
Finish: Complex, long, and bold(*9).

The 2021 winemaker of the year, Eperosa produces some of Australia’s most incredible old-vine reds(*8).

Head Wines’ 2019 Ancestor Vine Grenache from Eden Valley

Wines must be made from at least 100-year-old vines to be classified as an ‘ancestor’ wine. There were only 650 bottles of Head Wines’ 2019 Ancestor Vine produced(*1). This super small run is a truly exceptional and high-quality Grenache. Ancestor Vine is priced from $90 and is ready to open or cellar for 10 years or more.

Aroma: A pinch of spice on a bountiful platter of red berries and dark red fruits, topped with floral accents(*10).
Flavour: The aromas continue into intense, full, and succulent flavours(*10).
Finish: Complexity and a remarkable structure highlight this well-balanced and dry Grenache on the finish(*10).

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