Domaine De Triennes Rosé 2019 Vintage Wine

Domaine De Triennes Rose 2019, 2020 Vintage Wine Rose. A Classic Mediterranean Rosé wine From the South of France

A Classic Mediterranean Rosé wine From the South of France

Today we are looking at the Domaine De Triennes Rosé from the Mediterranean. The 2019 release comes in a 750ml or 375ml and is great value for money. This vin Français is a classic style of Rosé. Enjoy it at your next barbeque or pair it with your favourite Thai dish. Read on to learn about the winery and the people behind it. How is the winery managing a huge demand in supply? And, of course, as always, we include tasting notes and what to expect from a provincial Rosé.

Home of Triennes Wine, The Domain

Domaine De Triennes Rose 2019, 2020 Vintage Wine Rose. A Classic Mediterranean Rosé wine From the South of France Calanque Region

The clay and limestone soils stretch out across the 94-acre vineyard. The picturesque scene of the luscious winery is backed by the serene Auréliens mountains(*1). The winery is home to a Mediterranean climate not far from the coast. Triennes is a joint venture between two friends with a love of creating fun and enjoyable wines. Established in 1990, the winery is located east of Aix en Provence, in the South of France(*1,2). The winery has been farming organically since 2011.

Domaine De Triennes Winery in Huge Demand Around the World

The aim of the winery was and is to create wines that speak of place and time while offering great value for money(*2). They have certainly achieved their goals once again, with this 2019 vintage. The winery has become so popular around the world that they are faced with an ever-growing demand. With more than 500,000 bottles of Rosé leaving the vineyard every year, it is no surprise Triennes needed a helping hand from their neighbours(*3). To keep up with supply, the Triennes team partnered with neighbouring vineyards. These vineyards share a similar terroir and commitment to high-quality production(*2,4).

Triennes Fun Fact – The God of Wine

Every vintner has a unique story – and so do the names of vineyards. The name for Triennes was derived from the three owners, and Bacchus (Dionysus), the Roman god of wine festival held every three years(*5).

What to Expect From an Old-World Rosé

French Rosés are generally made from a blend of different grapes however you will find the odd single varietal. Usually, only red grapes are used to make the wine. The amount of time the skins are left to soak with the fruits influences how dark the Rosé is in colour(*6).

Typically, traditional Rosé’s are(*6):

• Dry.
• Light.
• Full of red berry fruits.
• A little more orange in colour than other Rosés.

Domaine De Triennes Rosé 2019

This Triennes Rosé is an authentic blend of Cinsault, Grenache, Syrah and Merlot(*2,4). According to the winery, it is Cinsault that is the star in this Rosé(*3).

Colour: Quite pale in colour which is owed to the evening harvest of the grapes(*6). The night-time harvest also maintains the sweet aromas of the fruit(*3).
Aroma: Fragrant with a touch of orange zest(*8).
Flavour: Expect flavours of small red berry fruits and a touch of vanilla(*6,7).
Palate: A round smooth palate that has a long dry finish(*2).

This is a great wine and is definitely worth the price with it starting at just $19.99. The 2019 offering comes in a half-sized, 375ml bottle and is priced from just $11.99 – perfect for a picnic hamper!(*2,9).

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