Wine Club

Summer Hill Wine ClubWelcome to the Summer Hill Australian Wine Club

We are a local Australian distributor of fine and specialty wines from wineries scattered across the country’s best fields and vineyards. We offer a specialised and hand-selected pick of the best of Australian crop. In our physical store, we pride ourselves on our expertise and experience in the world of wines.

Working from a central location in Sydney, a membership in our wine club ensures the best prices for all your wine purchases. The reviews of our local shop have always been strong, and we think you’ll love the variety we bring straight to your doorstep. And since we make it a habit of connecting and staying in contact with the region’s best wineries, you can be sure to keep your own supply stocked with your favourites that you experience from the club.

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Travelling to your local winery can endear you to their custom flavour, but why not also expand your palate with a trip around Mount Lofty with a cool flavour from Adelaide Hills, or a ride up the coast of the Geographe Bay with a Margaret Rivers vintage? We pull our stock from dozens of wine shops and wineries across Australia, so there’s no shortage of variety, vintage, and local flavor. You’ll expand your knowledge of wines while tasting the finest the country has to offer.

At the Summer Hill Australian Wine Club, you’ll be given access to wines of all shapes and sizes, but for those with a particular taste, we allow our customers to specify whether they would prefer all red or all white selections. You can also specify variety favourites, as well, to customise further what kinds of stock you’d like us to bring to your table. Do you enjoy sipping and sampling new varieties of wine with friends? Plan out your next culinary adventure with company by telling us you’d like two bottles of each selection, and you can have plenty to pass around the table.

The world of wine is as vast as it is full of flavours, and we’ll gladly bring you Australia’s best two bottles at a time. But what if you’re not interested in the wine club for yourself? Know a friend or loved one who has a birthday coming up? Perhaps a holiday gift is in order, and you find yourself scrambling for ideas? A wine club membership is a fantastic gift idea for any level of wine drinker. Every month they’ll be reminded of your thoughtfulness, and you can almost be sure they’ll appreciate it more than another gift card.

Our prices and scheduling are as flexible as you need them to be, with multiple options for pricing amounts and delivery cycles, perfect to fit either the hardcore wine enthusiast, or the most casual of connoisseurs. Choose to have less expensive selections delivered, and choose the frequency of their delivery.

We want to provide you with the most engaging and satisfying Australian wine club experience possible.¬†We hope you’ll join us.