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Summer Hill Wine Shop welcomes you anytime as your one stop shop if you are looking for the best wine selection in Sydney. For incredible value and the best that Australian and Imported wine has to offer, we have it all. What sets us apart from our competitors is our product knowledge, our great range of quality wines, our hands on approach and our customer service standards. We guarantee you will leave our store feeling great about shopping at Summer Hill Wine Shop.

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We invite you to visit our shop yourself to choose from our huge selection of wines. We offer you a full selection of well known and boutique wines, for great value. We also deliver our wines direct to your doorstep.

Our goal is to satisfy any wine lover by offering our wide range of wines online at extremely reasonable prices. We also provide glass hire services for any special event large or small. Ensuring you enjoy the best selection of our wines with your friends and family.

If You Want Quality Wine – We’re Here for You
At Summer Hill Wine Shop, quality wine is the name of the game. Our finest wines are from a unique selection of vineyards across Australia and overseas, where we ensure our wines are made from the best selection of grapes grown in the world’s unique countrysides. It’s our aim to offer you a great selection of quality wine that can be delivered right to your doorstep.

You deserve to have wine exactly the way you want it and you can enjoy the most flavoursome, fruitful and aromatic wines with us. Enjoy our huge selection of  red wines, ranging from the best selection and variety of shiraz, cabernet sauvignon, pinot noir, cabernet merlot, Grenache blends, imported red wine and red varietals at our bottle shop.

We have an extremely large range of wines designed to meet every need you have when it comes to wines.  Also our huge selection of whites ranging from chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, semillon, pinot gris, pinot grigio, semillon, verdelho, imported whites, white varietals, sparkling wines and roses. Join our wine club to experience the great taste sensations, special offers and find out more about the vineyards we buy from.

The owners and staff of Summer Hill Wine Shop look forward to welcoming you into our store seven days a week or wines online where we can share our passion with you, the consumer.